Pilates Class Timetable


Pilates Class Timetable

Read more about our Pilates Classes and you can also download our
current Pilates Timetable for reference or easy printing.

  • Monday
    Time Class Teacher Book
    8.15-9.15am Mat Pilates Frauke Register
    9.30-10.15am Reformer Frauke Register
    5.00-5.45pm Reformer Mitchell Register
    6.00-7.00pm Mat Pilates Mitchell Register
  • Tuesday
    Time Class Teacher Book
    6.30-7.15 am Reformer Mitchell Register
    7.15–8.00am Reformer Mitchell Register
    9.15-10.15 Mat Pilates Frauke Register
    5.15-6.00pm Reformer Leona Register
    6.15-7.15pm Yoga Jess Register
  • Wednesday
    Time Class Teacher Book
    6.00-7.00am Mat Pilates Frauke Register
    9.30-10.15am Reformer Mitchell Register
    10.15-11.00am Reformer Mitchell Register
    5.45-6.30pm Reformer Mitchell Register
    6.30-7.15pm Reformer Mitchell Register
  • Thursday
    Time Class Teacher Book
    6.30-7.15am Reformer Mitchell Register
    7.15-8.00am Reformer Mitchell Register
    8.15-9.15am Mat Pilates Mitchell Register
    9.30-10.30am Yoga Jess Register
    5.15-6.15pm Mat Pilates Frauke Register
    6.30-7.15pm Reformer Frauke Register
  • Friday
    Time Class Teacher Book
    8.15-9.00am Fun Fitness Frauke Register
    9.15–10.15am Mat Pilates Frauke/Leona Register
    10.30-11.15am Reformer Leona Register
  • Saturday
    Time Class Teacher Book
    8.30-9.15am Reformer Mitchell Register

Pilates Class Timetable

Pilates Class Fees

Initial Assessment, Pilates programs or Private class

$80 for a new client - $68 for an existing client

Beginner or Private 1 on 1 -$68 for 30 min $80 for 45 min

Mat Classes (includes Cardio)

$22.50 per single class

$20 per class in 10 pack= $200 (3-month expiration)

$16 per class in 20 pack= $320 (3-month expiration)

Reformer Classes

$30 per class if you book one class per week

$28 per class in 10 pack= $280 (3-month expiration)

$25 per class in 20 pack= $500 (3-month expiration)


Combinations:Reformer and Mat combination - $16 for Mat and $25 for Reformer = $41 per week x 10= $410

If you want to purchase any combination option you must click on Packages when you are in the payment screen to find your desired Combination Package

If you want to set up Auto pay, go to contracts and select from a couple of options. You can set up to buy any of the above packs and pay off over 10 weeks.

Please note: You are able to claim costs for classes with your private health fund! You can claim Classes under Physiotherapy classes.

Missed Classes (if cancelled with at least 12 hour notice) can be made up for within the same term with any instructor in any class if class size allows.

If you do not cancel your class within this period you will be charged the full class.

Cancellations and rescheduling can all be done online! Register for classes using the links above or you can contact us.

PS: If you are a new Studio client make sure you book your initial one-on-one session (Private Initial Physio Session) before the start of your classes. You can claim the cost of this one-on-one session with your health fund.

Pilates Classes

Please wear something comfortable. Pilates is done barefoot or in socks. We provide all the equipment (mats, pillows and other tools) you need during a class. Please bring a bottle of water and a towel.

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