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At the Physio Fit Studio all our Pilates classes are instructed by a qualified Physiotherapist.

The Physio Fit Studio is not like a gym, and it is more than just a Pilates studio. You will get the highest quality exercise classes possible at a price that anyone can afford. Because a physiotherapist has created and is teaching the program, you can be sure to learn the correct exercise techniques right from the start so you exercise effectively and safely - the smart way!

Pilates was developed last century by Joseph Pilates. The exercise regime concentrates particularly on the core muscles that are responsible for maintaining correct posture and supporting the spine. In our Pilates classes, it is all about gaining control over your body. Combined with awareness and strength (that you will gain over time- PROMISE!!) it will change the way you feel, hold yourself and move. You will have more energy, less tension and feel GREAT!

“After 10 sessions you will feel the difference, after 20 sessions you will see the difference, and after 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.” (Joseph Pilates)

Pilates Timetable


How to get started:

How to start Pilates


Before you can join our classes, you are required to visit us for an initial Pilates consultation. At your initial Pilates consultation, your physiotherapist will take your medical history and make a detailed assessment of any injury, pain or postural problems present. You will also be introduce to the basic principles of pilates:

You will be shown

  • how to engage your deep core muscles
  • how to position your pelvis in most exercises on the floor and reformer
  • we take a detailed look at your current pelvic stability with a biofeedback device. This will allow us to retest you at a later stage

You then will also be provided with an exercise to get started with at home.

At the end of your initial Pilates consultation your practitioner will organise 1-2 private class times with you to get you started. If you have prior experience, you won’t need to do any private sessions.

Now you can slot into Group classes or decide to continue working on your own for a little longer. We will get you into classes as soon as you are comfortable as they are the best value for YOUR money.

The cost of an Initial consult is $80 and health fund rebates do apply.

The cost of a private sessions is $68 each for 30 min or $80 for 45 min


Our classes at the Physio Fit Studio:

See our Pilates timetable:

  • Mat based PILATES classes: Our Mat based exercise regime focuses on posture, alignment, core stability, control and last not least YOUR flexibility. Through our experience we have adapted each program to target all of the problem zones we see in our patients on a regular basis. Our classes are therefore more than just a Pilates class: They are a Physio Group Rehab Prevention session. There is a maximum of 10 Clients in each class.
  • Reformer Pilates classes: The reformer is a spring loaded Pilates bed that allows for resistance during your Pilates moves. This class is great fun and gives you your strength results much faster. These classes are suitable for beginners. Your program can be individualized if you have specific rehab needs. There is a maximum of 6 clients in each class.
  • CARDIOLATES An exercise regime on the mini trampoline. Using the principles of Pilates we have created our very own cardio program using fitness and Pilates exercises in combination, You will love the music and sweat whilst having fun bouncing.
  • Private Pilates classes: Here is a good option for the group shy - if you are not a friend of exercising in a group you could have private sessions instead. Have a Physio all to yourself or share your session with a friend or two. All is possible!


Who benefits from Pilates:

People of all ages come to our classes - Male and Female. We have helped lots of people with the following conditions:

  • Lower back pain and problems including disc injuries. Research shows that the presence of pain causes the deep stability muscles to switch off and become weak. When the pain settles these muscles need to be woken up to work again. This does not automatically happen and is the reason people have recurring pain. Pilates helps to “wake” up these muscles and once you can activate them we will work to restore their strength. Your pain will decrease as your core muscle strength and control increases.
  • Hip and knee problems
The hip, knee, ankle and lower back are closely linked from and anatomical and functional perspective. If there is an alignment problem in one area, it can create a problem in another related area. More often than not, a hip or knee problem is due to instability in the pelvis and lower back area. Or Vice versa: Improving core stability can help to correct alignment problems. Reformer classes are best suited in this situation.
  • Neck problems
Most neck problems are posture related. Neck pain can only be cured long term by improving postural awareness and strengthening the muscles that are necessary to maintain a good posture. People in our studio comment all the time how our Pilates classes have enhanced their awareness. This makes it easier to keep their posture, not only because they grew stronger but more so because they can feel bad posture and correct it.
  • Shoulder problems
Most shoulder problems have a component of instability of the shoulder girdle. The shoulder girdle is the base to which the arm is attached. If the base is unstable there are likely to be problems on whatever stands upon it. Our Pilates exercises are designed ensure that any instability in your shoulder blades is corrected
  • Pregnancy and post-bub:-When you are pregnant, significant physical changes occur in your body to accommodate your growing child. One of these changes includes the posture of the lower back. Frequently it becomes more rounded due to the increasing frontal load. Pilates during pregnancy can improve posture and awareness. It also make sure you stay strong and in control of your core. Studies have shown that women who are active during their pregnancy will more likely have an active labour and therefore end up with less complications during delivery.


Why pilates at Physio Fit Studio:

Because you want to train safely and get results!

This, however, is strongly dependent on the level of training and experience your instructor has. You have to understand, that in Australia, you can become a certified Pilates instructor doing a weekend course. The quality of such training is very questionable We offer more: — our Pilates programs are all written and instructed by a Physiotherapist. All Physiotherapists at Physio Fit receive special personalised training before they can teach our high level routines.


What is a class like:

In your 60 minute Mat based classes you will find a balance between stretching exercises and a workout for all your core and postural muscles necessary for good stability. Most time is spent on the floor using gravity and your own body weight to create resistance and leverage. This makes it a low impact exercise regime.

In your Reformer classes you can expect to work your core and related muscles for 45 min flat. The routine changes each week and your will be challenged in a different way each time you come. Every reformer workout is functional and balanced to work a variety of different muscle chains and provide a lot of fun!

No matter whether the movements are fast or slow, in all of our classes we aim for control of each movement and breathing rhythm. Pilates therefore calls for concentration and focus. This makes the workout quite relaxing and restores energy. A great way to have “me” time!


What you need to bring:

Please wear something comfortable. Pilates is done barefoot or in socks. We do provide all the equipment (mats, pillows and other tools) you need during a class. Please bring a bottle of water and a towel, however! Our Studio and treatment rooms are air conditioned.


I do not know whether pilates is for me:

Our clinical Pilates classes are suitable for anyone at any level of fitness.

The central aim of Pilates is to

  • strengthen and condition the core muscles
  • to improve stability
  • to improve posture and coordination

These benefits greatly depend on close supervision -especially when you are a beginner or have health issues e.g. back problems.

Trial session-If you would like a trial session in one of our classes this can be arranged. The cost is $20.

Any further questions? Just ring and ask - 02 6674 4142 or 0400 023 412
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Pilates Mat Class



Interested in a Trial Session?


We can arrange for you to have a trial session in one of our classes. The cost is $20.


Any further questions? Just ring and ask - Just ring and ask - 02 6674 4142 or 0400 023 412





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